O A H S P E ~ is a 19th Century 'MIND CONTROL' book by a FALLEN MORTAL

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Oahspe Is Only Of The Earth, Not Sky Or Spirit. It Has No Love Or Soul Understanding Of The True Infinite Creator.
This Page Is Only For The Serious Student Willing To Research ~ Why OAHSPE IS A False Teaching!


Due to the shocking truth we have discovered in our research, we are making an updated second edition available in Next Year of this book;

O A H S P E ~ is a 19th Century 'MIND CONTROL' book by a FALLEN MORTAL.
http://www.divinelove.org/Revnt/Rev-21.htm Go to the web site for 19th Century Medium, Mr. Padgett for the full session of comments on Oahspe from the spirit world.Quote: I think I have written enough on the subject of the "Oahspe Bible" and it was fitting that I should do so, if it were merely to indicate some of the errors which are manifest throughout, as well as to indicate its relative importance, and I urge you not to devote your time to reading this voluminous work, for it does not, as I have explained, lead to the Father's Love through soul longings and prayer. That is the important thing to be obtained and that is what I urge you earnestly to keep seeking for--the Father's Love and At-onement with Him. End of Quote
IMPORTANT... Before Buying An Oahspe....Read Other Books!
For Proof Of 'Twisted' Plagiarisim By Newbrough And To Find A Deeper Understanding ~
STUDY ~ Andrew Jackson Davis' 1847 Book, 1st Of 26 Spiritually Received Works In The Trance State: 
Order This From Health Research Books ~ Click To Go There From Near The Bottom Of This Site "RESEARCH BOX" 

As Oahspe Publishing in 1997, we acquired copies of certain removed original OAHSPE proof-sheets by John Lant the original Oahspe printer, but never the publisher of this now lost authentic edition; liberating and revealing, they are books and parts to various books from the original 1881 manuscript of a higher tone than the published Oahspes ~IF~ one can mentally read 'THE INFINITE GREAT SPIRIT CREATOR GOD' in place of Newbrough's change to 'Jehovih', the Tribal Earth God of Leaders and Blind Followers.
This OAHSPE SUPPLEMENT as of February 1999 is now renamed: OAHSPE: SANS MESSAGE FOR THE FUTURE.

It's purpose is to help one 'unlearn' Oahspe Fiction by doing research and acquire discernment from the FACTS that Newbrough DID NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW ABOUT.
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"The lack of discrimination in distinguishing the true from the false is the thing that makes man kind fail everywhere in the outer world."


This is the secret, O man! This is the attuning of thyself with Him.
Seek, then, to make Him thine own holy book.
Art thou as a servant coming to a master to read and write letters for thee?
Such is not Kosmon [Kadmon].

This spiritual message to Newbrough in a verse within the instructions for prophecy in the unpublished 1881 original Oahspe, is directly connected with the Book of Ben in Oahspe and its 'Orachnebuagalah'. This message perhaps ended the transmissions for Oahspe or soon after and would also explain why the Orachnebuagalah is incomplete. Did Newbrough's lack of humbleness mean his ego wanted the 'power' that being a prophet would bring? It seems it may have happened during the incomplete Book of Ben (pub.) / Book of Knowledge (unpub.), requiring all the tools to do prophecy. This requires having the information of all Entities of The Infinite that Newbrough incorrectly named Jehovih instead of the GOD HEAD. (Paraphrase of verse below) These were books of the Interlude which originally may have been called,

The Book Of Knowledge collectively. We know from the excellent researches of Jim Dennon, that John Lant the printer in 1881, was told by Newbrough early in 1881, that the spirits stopped the work by making his hands tear up all work he had received on his desk. He told Lant that the Spirits told him to start again. What Lant and Newbrough did then is inconsistent with the statement by Newbrough because they both knew the importance of the transmissions already received; they certainly were not to be thrown away, and we see this received work as higher quality than the published Oahspe. The remaining work with Lant for printing became the unpublished 1881 Original, from which the verse we shall analyze below was taken (See also, Oahspe Supplement or Part One Oahspe). They took great pains to have the original survive by making impressions at Newbrough's dental office of all of the printing plates. Another Oahspe, the 1882 was prepared and printed by someone other than Lant. Lant kept the dental impression originals safe somewhere but no one knows where they could be, but they were never used for publishing the original 1881. Only some proof-sheets have survived. A good mystic would know there is twelve aspects/entities of Creator.

In Oahspe's Book of Ben it shows Jehovih as the Godhead and his Children. In truth, one of the entities is Jehovah/ Yahveh/Yahweh, this being only one aspect of the GOD HEAD, The first Logos, The Great Infinite Spirit, The Great Invisible Grandfather. Jehovah is from Jove, (Jovial) the planet Jupiter which is the higher octave of the Sun and represents the reverent mind. At the start of the Book of Ben, only 8 entities or children are shown instead of 'the twelve' in a misleading and veiled manner. A higher number of entities are set out with symbols at the start, but explanations are not given for all eight of them! Kosmon is really Kadmon and Es is (S) for Soph (Hebrew) Sophia—Sophism. Jehov(ih) as a word is only seen in Newbrough's Oahspe and is a fiction and therefore cannot be the first logos-THE INFINITE, that he tried to persuade readers of Oahspe into accepting. Many things have been turned around to veil the truth. Did the transmissions cease here? Much is incomplete and misleading in the Book of Ben to complete an understanding of prophecy because of the actual mistakes that only a mortal would make.

I feel that when Newbrough began to confound the twelve aspects of THE INFINITE, the power was removed from Newbrough at this level because of his ego. He also failed to perceive the attributes of the Soul, which he did not understand. Through our comparing of the consistently high work of trance medium Cora L.V. Richmond, one can find the distortions and veils in the published Oahspe quickly and feel more of a belonging to the world, knowing better our part in it.
Oahspe, through these distortions has even bound those who think they are unboundable, but of course it's a matter of levels.
The verse below seems to have come through at that time in early 1881.

Book of Knowledge, Part IV, Verse 39:- (A Book from the original manuscript of OAHSPE and not published.
See Oahspe Supplement- or, Part One The Complete 1200p. Oahspe.)
A very respected and knowledgeable Scholar of Comparitive Spiritual Studies said of this part of the original Oahspe, that he saw this as Creator chastising Newbrough for what he intended to do with the Book. See his paraphrase below the verse:

This is the secret, O man!
This is the attuning of thyself with Him.
Seek, then, to make Him thine own holy book.
Art thou as a servant coming to a master to read and write letters for thee?
Such is not Kosmon [Kadmon]. Creator chastising Newbrough Paraphrase:
You ask to know the secrets of the spiritual path? For what purpose?
You ask how to do it and what the heavens and angels have to say to man?
Forget expecting 'someone from above' to come do it for you.
Go work on your own relationship with Creator and make your vessel pure.
What comes of THAT relationship should be your only book of How To.
This intellectual information quest and the dissemination of same is only a game played by lower man.
It is NOT Creator's! Don't ask Creator to do the things for you which are your lot to work out for yourself,
AFTER you have done your own homework. Creator and the heavens are NOT here to become your secretary!
Adam[Kadmon] did his own work to learn and then unfold TRUTH. This set the pattern.
So much more is it your job in THIS age to perfect your OWN self.
What selfish motive pushes you to expect that Creator would dictate to you a book by which you would build your own ego and following?!
THAT is NOT the way of Creator! This is NOT the way of this age.

"The wise man changes his mind as he faces new facts, because he knows that he cannot alter the facts to please his fancy" 

Update Warning Notice!  "It was Cassandra's curse to always speak the truth and never be believed!" 

January 1, 1999 
Oahspe Publishing now exposes J.B. Newbrough, a fallen 33rd. degree Mason. Even his own people, the Masons, placed him in their graveyard only by request of his family. But, it was to be an unmarked grave in NM until he was long forgotten by Masons. Today his headstone given to him by the Oahspe cult shows the incorrect date of his death chiselled into stone. 

This chiselled symbolism seems to fit his contrived 'bible' Oahspe, and how he 'chiselled us with his fiction and old dangerous spiritism cult thinking, with a tribal earth God named Jehovah(ih) that requested Rites, Rituals and dangerous reversed Masonic Initiations. Initiations dating back to the 14th and 15th century to him ~ the Grand C'Cheif Newbrough [Newbrough's own letters 1882 - 1884]. He palmed all this off as, THE CREATOR OF ALL THAT IS and THE GREAT SPIRIT and others. We did not dare to seriously debate the too many inconsistencies for many years. Such was the earth power that this book held while we all thought it must be the only such book on earth. 

The 1881 unpublished Oahspe is quite different, but he must have changed the Infinite into Jehovih because it is quite contradictory and too Thomas Paine like to be Jehovah(ih). The 1881 tells us not to continue the things that were once done in the name of Gods (Jehovah, Shechinah etc.), but to be in good works for others instead of flattering the God-head with praise; not to be heeding Priests, Rites or Rituals and mind controlling Initiations anymore. Above all, to have discernment, be an individiual thinker - not a 'priest follower'. 

Today, in light of higher truth, Jehovah(ih) has no place in a 'thinking' persons mind. The 1881 matches good old Thomas Paine quite beautifully, IF, one removes any mention of 'Jehovih'. But, the 1882 & 1891, after much research, are rendered dangerous 'schizophrenic' works when not understood enough to be part 'fiction' and much symbolism for mental gymnastics. This may explain why its seemingly harmless Rites and Rituals have left too many of its weakest thinkers, its strongest devotees and cult members with various mental and physical problems. Sometimes these conditions are so serious thay require 'intervention' and many have permanent mental impairment unable to live a full life for their soul development. It has damaged the lives of children out of such familes and all these 'Newbrough Casualties' will arrive on the other side of life, 'ignorant as babes' for 'believing' instead of developing their own inspiration to find a higher truth. It is man that pulled down this horror on himself by not comprehending the DIVINE PRINCIPLES OF NATURE ~ man makes earth magic for destruction and doesn't even know it, because he is intoxicated on 'Self' and 'Might.' 

Did Newbrough receive this himself or from someone else through his inquires into Spiritualism? He had no witnesses. Even his daughter says she only "saw him doing those dreadful spirit paintings" but, he was never seen receiving 'the words.' Newbrough's Bible is not the previously hidden and hard to find wisdom of modern 'high' Spiritualism' for a true newer age of Light and commonsense. Newbrough's Oahspe seems more likely to be the sum total of plagiarisms and compilations of twisted arcanums. Infact, this work could never have been 'received' from 'high raised spirits and certainly not through the highly educated type of person Newbrough was; Spiritualism has never worked through people like this. The lack of humbleness and ego of the earth educated mind interferes with the process! It must also be remembered that the BANNNER OF LIGHT that published Andrew Jackson Davis' books, when the contents of the 1882 Oahspe were known, they were very reluctant to advertise the 1891 Oahspe even when offered money by Howland--THEY KNEW! See research by Jim Dennon.

Yes Indeed, Oahspe is more likely the altered hidden and open works of other visionaries of all ages; see Masonry's own special book, MORALS AND DOGMA (with Digest Index) by Albert Pike, 1071 pages.The Cosmogony in Oahspe, as told by Newbrough's own daughter can be found in more completeness in the 26 books of Spirit through ANDREW JACKSON DAVIS, especially his first one, Nature's Divine Revelations ~ A Voice To Mankind which was written in 1847. Like Newbrough, Pike was a 33rd degree Mason, but M & D was first written in 1871, also before Oahspe. Newbrough had taken and twisted sentence by sentence it seems from Andrew Jackson Davis' 1847 first book.Newbrough's own daughter stated he had all 26 of AJD's books and he had taken the 'Gravitation' and 'Vortex' information from them. Also, seeAnacalypsis 2 Vols by Godfrey Higgins ESQ 1836; the strange (Panic) original language information in Oahspe-sans its full truth. Two of the highly spiritual writers mentioned here are Masons and AJD was the father and announcer of modern Spiritualism; all have their works well republished today and can be bought from the other publishers listed near the bottom of this web page ~ see "RESEARCH BOX."

This statement is made in good conscience and with unbiased research for seeking a higher truth of the 'Infinite Creator Godhead', 'Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Man', and, the fact there is no 'Death' but a 'rebirth from the womb (Earth) to other dimensional worlds.'

Join our Oahspe private email research group for a deeper understanding when reading the 1881 unpublished Oahspe together with the higher works of others. We advise alternative reading to understand how it was done by reading Newbrough's own 111 letters 1882 - 1884 that incriminate him. Also, read the chronology and statements in the 1887 Court case for abusing people financially etc. through his cult. Read and research the lives of 'other agenda' Occult Arcanum people of history similar to Newbrough; Cagliostro (Egyptian Rite & conmanship in public and Secret societies), Weishaupt (original Father of Communism, Secret societies for a one world control) St. Germain (Secret society conmanship).

Newbrough's ego wanted his book Oahspe to be...and he stated.... "In importance ranks equal with that other great fact of life, the immortality of man's consciousness. OAHSPE may be, in fact, the key to the greatness of American's future and the hopes of mankind.".......
But, it falls very short and this statement is an insult to those true instruments through whom higher spiritual works were received, but have been hidden or destroyed through Secret Societies, Governments and the Church; in fear 'the people' would realize their own inner power through the truth of 'Modern High Spiritualism.'

Oahspe States Reincarnation IS A False Philosophy, But...A Higher Teaching
States The Word 'Reincarnation'(Physical) Is Wrong ~ Not To Be Misconstrued With The SOUL (Non Physical) In Human Embodiments
Newbrough Only Wrote Of Earth Bound (Low) Entities ~ Never About The True Development Of A Perfected Soul! 
Quotes From The Oahspe 1882 Index: Each child born into life will I quicken with a new spirit, which shall proceed out of Me at the time of conception. Neither will I give to any spirit of the higher or lower heavens power to enter a womb, or a fetus of a womb, and be born over again, neither created I him imperfectly, that he should re-enter a womb and be born over again. That which I do is well done. "..thousands of spirits dwelt in one corporeal body, oft driving hence the natural spirit I gave in the time of conception; and these mortals knew not....  

Quoted From: The Soul: Its Nature, Relations, And Expressions In Human Embodiments Given through Cora L.V. Richmond in Chicago 1887...

"Bear in mind also that truth as well as the perception of it, comes from within; the presentation of truth to the mind is of no avail unless the Soul comes forth to meet it. If in doubt wait for growth; if perplexed wait for growth; and if in darkness wait for the light that cometh from the Soul. We have planted in perfect love; let the growth also be in love. Let the sunshine of your prosperity and the tears of your adversity fall upon the sacred garden of the spirit: we shall know by the fruitage of your lives, by your love, and truth, and goodness whether the germs have quickened unto the harvest of the Soul." 
"…………but rest assured the typical number of Souls that ripen under each dispensation have already ripened in Christ. You are children of the New Dispensation or you would not be here. You do not belong to the kingdom of Christ because He has harvested His kingdom, but you belong to the kingdom that is to come." 
Excellent Advice ~ How Come Newbrough OPENLY Did the Opposite! Did He Forget To Pull This Section???

Oahspe's Discernment Warning !

"They call their initiations sacred, but I declare unto thee, they are a blasphemy against Creator. For these are the methods of the imprisonment of mind. If, by imposing rites and ceremonies, and by the stratagems and cunning of mortal priests, they can be captured on earth, even so can they be retained in bondage in heaven. They are a snare for the imprisonment of the mind and of the soul. All such mortals are preparing themselves for the bondage of low spirits on their entrance into the spirit world. Be thou not put off by the cunning of Satan's words in the mouths of priests or popes; but look matters in the face, and be thou a God thyself in discerning things that meliorate the condition of man." Book of Judgment Ch.XXVI

Discernment by C.J. Jung Psychoanalyst

"We need to be aware that as we grow toward enlightenment, so too does our shadow grow. Thus, simple remedies consistently applied -- balance in one's life, deep friendships, a dedication to self-knowledge, integrity, a willingness to stand up and tell the truth, empathy, and a healthy exercise of inner authority -- all help counteract abusive behavior. For in the end we are all guardians of the gate." 

The missing unpublished 1881 Oahspe books and the 'received' works through Cora L.V. Richmond from the same period,
if studied together, would reveal a much greater light and may explain the mystery
of Newbrough's changes from the original manuscript for the published 1882 and
the further changed 1891 editions; why Newbrough held back many originally
received sections and why these and the 1881 edition was not published.

 In March 1998, this publisher received 111 of Newbrough's letters from 1882 - 1884 which reveal quite clearly he turned his back on 'high' Spiritualism, the original reason for the wonderful received gift, Oahspe; to use it instead for his own foundation of cult community.

It appears he removed, changed and added to Oahspe, rendering it a dangerous book in the wrong hands. Newbrough's attempts at cult communities resulted in the complete failures and embarrassment for everyone involved, especially Howland and himself. Going against Creator's Will may have caused his early death and these perpetual failures; the very same life force that would have imploded his private temple by non physical means at Shalam Colony in New Mexico. Spiritualism, by its openness and directness cannot and does not EVER create cult! Infact, many people, Newbrough included, were involved in a nation-wide dirty smear campaign against Spiritualism, which was quite successful in poisoning the minds of the people it could have helped the most. Spiritualism did not 'fall down on its own', it was given a hard crushing blow from behind the scenes by those that had the most to lose.

We have started publishing the works of Cora L.V. Richmond (click on the 'Introduction' article and her Trance address, 'Generation & Regeneration' below). As a child medium she began at Adin Ballou's Universalist Community at Hopedale Mass. and soon after become one of the finest Spiritualist mediums; and, because of her abilities, Adin Ballou became known as the father of Spiritualism. Newbrough had been named Ballou because of Hosea Ballou the first Universalist. Cora represented the highest light of Spiritualism, the quality of which, Newbrough, in his letters denied existed. Ancient and historical material in Oahspe had been the subject matter in her published trance addresses before Newbrough seems to have had the knowledge to prepare for receiving Oahspe. We believe her lessons and information on the Soul is what is missing in Oahspe. Cora was the founder of the National Association of Spiritualist Churches which still exists today and she may have been the finest medium ever. For all her published works that were once easily available; why, may we ask, is there none readily available today?

We advise for a deeper and clearer understanding, that you read other books that predate Oahspe; books by Andrew Jackson Davis and Cora L.V. Richmond. Important in Oahspe is Godfrey Higgins' quotes from his 1836 Anacalypsis (2 vols.) in the Commentary section, and Anacalypsis is still available reprinted in soft cover. In understanding the mistakes of Newbrough we will learn discernment, a very important lesson today and we must remember Oahspe does after all, warn the reader, it is not a perfect book. No book can ever be perfect.

The original manuscript may have been twice the size of the Oahspe we know today and was printed by Lant in 1881 and never published. The 1882 edition known as the unabridged version was written to and changed by Newbrough into Bible format with verse numbers added; to be more commanding? The 1891 Edition known as the abridged or 'cult' version, suffered more changes that moved it further away from the original and its true intent. This is still being sold in England today. The complete 1997 edition and the Oahspe Supplement was available until January 1999 when the 'Complete Oahspe' was withdrawn. It contained all the 1881 Lant proof sheets which are still available as: OAHSPE: SANS MESSAGE FOR THE FUTURE. These bring Oahspe closer to its original intent of Spiritualism which Newbrough denied by placing his own material in the section known as Book Of Jehovih's Kingdom On Earth. And, writing editor's footnotes about rites & rituals throughout Oahspe, has compelled many people like a rabbit to a carrot, to do these dangerous rituals. References on Spiritualism were removed from the footnotes in the 1891 edition, but not rites and ceremonies. Especially dangerous was Newbrough's removal of the title page to the Book of Saphah which clearly states that these ceremonies are to cease as they are ancient and this page states, the seed of something new will be born in this period. We know today that Spiritualism, born March 31 1848 and now just over 150 years old, IS that seed now growing up in the early spring time of its youth towards a personal and individual ability to hear Creators inspiration without leaders and priests. Oahspe is not a guide for higher Spiritualism, but is more towards cults; mind control is not covered by our First Amendment Rights.

The 111 letters from 1882 -1884 reveal that Newbrough had to answer to statements about his cult like domination and respond to his flock when Spiritualist mediums received better plans than Newbrough's for humanity and warnings against Newbrough himself. He tampered with and twisted the 1882 edition and further tampered with and twisted the 1891 Oahspe in which Newbrough changed New Year from Summer to Winter and shortened a cycle by 300 years to make it appear that his new communities could begin in the 1880s and not circa 2150. 

This type of abuse has resulted in the formation of many other dangerous cults known today because he indoctrinated his naive followers into dangerous reversed initiations, rites, rituals and ceremonies which called on false Egyptian gods, dating back to the 14th and 15th century (MORE OF OAHSPE, 1885 by Jim Dennon). Why did he turn his back on 'high' Spiritualism? What sinister process led him to edit what he had been given from higher sources to produce 'cult'? Not only did he produce a 'cult', but Newbrough's creation also destroyed the very children that he claimed to save. Many hints can be obtained by reading about CAGLIOSTRO translated by Elizabeth Abbott, another fallen Mason that had the people of Paris so loving him, that he could manipulate them into starting the French Revolution. Read what he did in Ceremonies with young children to get spiritism messages with his renewed dangerous Egyptian Rite. Is this who Newbrough copied regarding his Egyptian rites and rituals to try and influence Nations? 

Fellow 33rd Degree Mason - Albert Pike who Newbrough copied mostly, also rewrote the Scottish Rite which is now used all over the world today. Pike was also teh original founder of the KKK.    Today this has become more widely known and because of the complaints by those knowledgeable of past history, they are now making plans to take Pike's statue down in Washington, this, began soon after the taking down of the confederate flag.   Oahspe is not even as truthful as Pike's MORALS AND DOGMA -- The Masonic Bible type book.  If one looks carefully at Oahspe--they can  see where the original ideas  Newbrough wrote--really came from.

~ We therefore give the following WARNING against Oahspe Mind Control cult thinking ~

There are two Universal Faithists of Kosmon non profit Organizations in U.S.A. promoting non Faithist tenets of Priesthood and Initiations as well as a few small old groups. We offer this advice as their literature and information may not always be in accord with spiritual commonsense or, the Light of this KADMON (Kosmon?) era, or the truthful sections of OAHSPE. Oahspe cults are arcane and call on the old tribal earth god Jehovah[ih] instead of The Infinite God, Creator, Great Spirit.

For an accounting of failed communities and non KADMON (Kosmon?) tenets, read James L.Dennnon's 1985 OAHSPE & SHALAM HISTORY ~ According To Those Who Were There, A Factual Chronology Of Shalam Colony Near Las Cruces New Mexico. 1884 - 1891, FROM COURT RECORDS; ~ Will appear on this website very soon. 

Understand These 7 Good OAHSPE Discernment Quotes That Are Counter To Newbrough's Behavior.
    Liberty, first of all, unto all people;.....Book of ES,...Ch.2:11
    It is the will and the wish of thy God, that all men become constitutionally capable of receiving

    and comprehending the highest light, and that they shall no longer depend upon any priest,
    church, oracle, or holy book, or upon consulting the spirits. Book of DISCIPLINE Ch.V:15 
    Behold the day of preaching and professions is at an end. I will have practice only.

    Book of JUDGMENT Ch.I:50

    ---- In Kosmon, behold, I shall not raise up any great leader-forth; My light shall fall upon thousands

    and thousands. Of many varieties of talents shall be My chosen in that day. Book of ES ... Ch.2:21
    But thou shalt rely on thine own inspiration from thy Creator. Book of INSPIRATION Ch.IX:10
    Now, therefore, when the signs of decadence in the old systems manifest themselves, as for 

    example, when those who are of good mind and sound judgment, having been believers in the 
    ancient doctrines and revelations, but afterward turn away from them because the doctrines 
    are impotent, ye shall know of a truth, a new cycle is at hand. End of Book of OURANOTHEN
    Jehovih hath said: By My spirit, I move infants to ask questions; answer ye them, and, behold,

    they shall become as Gods. For this is a door I opened with Mine own hand; whoso answereth
    them not, shutteth the door against knowledge, and ill-useth My loves. Book of JEHOVIH'S 

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